A Distributor of the Finest Quality Paints

Integrity Coatings is truly a source for Professional Contractors. We have structured our warehouse to meet YOUR needs. Because retail is not our focus our prices are lower and our customer service is exceptional. 

Challenge us! We will prove to you that our knowledge is exceptional. We would be happy to assist you on any specific situation you might encounter. 

Integrity Coatings, LLC was started in January, 2005 for the defined purpose of supplying the professional contractors. Integrity Coatings, LLC is dedicated to providing the best service to our contractors with the broadest product lines. We provide this service with multiple product lines from our 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility in Wichita, Kansas. 

Integrity Coatings, LLC offers services that are not available in the normal retail paint outlets. We stock large amounts of products, and understand how important having substaincial product is to you and your job time frames. We understand down time is money out of your pocket. And getting the correct product information and recommendation is critical to your reputation. 

All of us at Integrity Coatings, LLC will work to make your jobs go smoothly while providing superior product and service. 

We are a Paint Wholesale Distributor 

not a Manufacturer or Applicator